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Annual Meeting

Canad Inns Destination Centre Fort Garry Winnipeg, Manitoba

  Canadian Association of Veterinary Pathologists Association Canadienne des Pathologistes Vétérinaires 44th Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, MB June 10, 2018 – Preliminary Agenda 

 Canad Inns Destination Centre


08:00-08:30 Registration

08:30-08:45 Welcome 

08:45-09:15 Dr. Carissa Embury-Hyatt: Confirmation of an emerging/exotic disease from the pathology lab   perspective: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease

09:15-09:30 Dr. Yanyun Huang: Bison pharyngitis with herpesvirus 

09:30-09:45  Dr. Rambod Movasseghi: Valvular endocarditis in a big brown bat

09:45-10:00 Dr. Marek Tomczyk: A Boer goat progressive ataxia investigation

10:00-10:30 Break 

10:30-11:00 Dr. Maria Spinato: Small ruminant adult mortality project

11:00-11:15 Dr. Brenda Bryan: Orthoreovirus in poultry

11:15-11:30  To be determined

11:30-11:45 Dr. Yanyun Huang: Glycogen branching enzyme deficiency in a quarter horse foal

11:45-12:00 Dr. Marek Tomczyk: Unexpected outcome of the “poisoned dog” case

12:00-13:00  Lunch Break

13:00-13:20 Dr. Marek Tomczyk: Examples of animal welfare cases presented to the Manitoba Provincial 


13:20-13:35  Dr. Rambod Movasseghi: Papillary cystadenoma of accessory sexual gland in a hedgehog 

13:35-13:50 Dr. Brenda Bryan: Equine abortions due to Equid herpesvirus

13:50-14:30 Pathology Case Reports TBD

14:30-14:45 Break

14:45-15:30 Provincial Diagnostic Laboratory Reports

15:30-16:00 CAVP-ACPV Annual Business Meeting


Registration fee is payable on site, June 10 by cash or cheque (made out to CAVP): 

Pathologists: $75 

Graduate students: $25

Please RSVP to Dr. Maria Spinato by returning attached form before June 5. 

This will enable us to order sufficient refreshments and lunch for all participants.

Email : mspinato@uoguelph.ca  Phone: 519-824-4120, ext. 56895


Please consider contributing a brief 10-15 minute pathology case report for presentation. This year’s conference focus is on emerging diseases, however, any topic or species of interest to veterinary pathologists is welcome. Contact Dr. Carissa Embury-Hyatt (carissa.emburyhyatt@inspection.gc.ca or 204-789-2024) for submission information.

Details regarding local accommodations, building and room locations, and driving directions are available at the CAHLN web-site: http://cahln-rctlsa.com/  

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